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Follow these steps below to ensure your spray tan goes on evenly. This plays a major part in making your tan last.

☝️exfoliate at least 24 hours in advance
- the goal is to get all of the dead skin off of your body. Exfoliator mitts and a seasonal-scented bath bomb work the best (I have them both in salon to pick up prior to your spray tan) to lather & remove dead skin. You could try a wash cloth or body scrub as well to help with exfoliating while in a bath.
✌️shave at least 12 hours in advance
- you’ll still be able to shave lightly without shaving cream/gel after your tan. Shaving within the 12 hours of your spray tan appointment could cause your tan to be blotchy because the ingredients from shaving will linger on the skin.
🤟come with clean skin
- free of sweat, deodorant, lotions, oils, sunscreen, makeup
🖖bring a hair tie!
🖐I provide one-time disposable thongs to wear during your session.
- If you have a swimsuit you’d like to wear, please bring it.
- Women may go nude.
NOTE I do not provide coverage for your chest. If you’d like tan lines on your top as well, please bring the apparel to achieve this look.
6️⃣bring/wear loose fitting clothes (sweatpants, flip flops, a baggy t shirt, avoid bras if possible) to wear after your spray tan session.

NOTE: Spray tanning should be your last appointment. Please plan accordingly to get your waxing, nails, massage, lashes, hair, etc appointment complete the day prior to your spray tan appointment. 

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