How to Spray Tan

How to Prepare for a Spray Tan / What to Expect in a Spray Tan

I help prepare a LOT of first time spray tanners for their appointment. What I find is this: when I give thorough, detailed instructions, my clients come in super confident. You know why? Because they do not fear the unknown!

These are questions my clients ask me frequently, so don’t be afraid to ask them!

  • Will I be orange?
  • Will I be sticky?
  • Can I shower?
  • Does it smell?

Here is what I think.

QQ: Will I be orange?

You will NOT be orange. Spray tanning has come a long way since the early days of Schwarzenegger on Muscle Beach. I only have one pink-base and it looks beautiful on the right person. My other bases are purple/indigo and olive.

I spray you with custom color. Using the various different spray solutions I have, I decide what is going to look best against your skin, hair and eyes along with your requests on how dark you want to be.

QQ: Will I be sticky?

No, I spray SUPER lightly and dry in between transitions so you don’t get that sticky, gunky feeling. It is a lot like painting a wall; when you paint one layer, it’ll dry and be fine. When you paint over a layer that isn’t dry yet…


2 layers on the body. 1 layer on the face. Perfection!

*If you’re sensitive, let me know and I can mix a blend that will allow you to shower even faster than even the rapid solutions I offer (4 hours).

QQ: Can I shower?

YES! All my solutions are rapid/express solutions so you can shower in 4 hours or less (depending how dark you want to be; don’t worry I will tell ya when to shower!) in comparison to the traditional 8-12 hour solutions.

QQ: Does it smell?

Typically, there is a musk that comes off after a spray tan, however, I have been complimented on how there is not an odor. I use the most premium solutions on the market to prevent this.


Here are a handful (5) of things you need to do to prepare for a spray tan.

  1. Come showered. Be free of sweat, perfumes, oils, deodorant, lotions, sunscreen and makeup prior to your appointment.
  2. Shave. Don’t wait until after the appointment to shave. Your tan seeps 1.5 layers below the skin and shaving removes a part of that layer which will reduce the longevity of your tan.
  3. Exfoliate. Slough-off the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin so allow your spray tan to set evenly.
  4. Bring a hair tie to keep your hair off your back, neck, and face.
  5. Wear loose fitting clothing and sandals after your appointment. You’ll want to avoid any friction until your first shower so things like jeans and sports bras are frowned upon.

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