Bridal Timeline: Scheduling Your Beauty Appointments for Your Wedding!

Scheduling Your Beauty Appointments for Your Wedding!

This is how we recommend planning and scheduling our your services in advance of your wedding.

3-6 weeks before the wedding:

Trial Tan
We strongly recommend doing a trial tan so that we can ensure that the color is right for your big day. This service will help with any built up nerves you may have, we want to ensure the color is perfect for you! This will be a 20-30 minute appointment. Be sure to follow the prep instructions so we can ensure a perfect tan. We also recommend scheduling this service with your makeup and hair trials so that you can see everything all together!

Teeth Whitening
We recommend this service to be done around the same time as your trial tan(s). Teeth whitening at Bronze Palms is 100% sensitivity free with no downtime. We want your smile to be its brightest and whitest for your big day! This service is about 90 minutes long and restores your teeth to their brightest shade!

10 days before the wedding:

Hydro Facial
As beauty industry professionals, we always recommend pampering yourself! This would be the perfect time to get a hydrating facial so that your skin is totally exfoliated and moisturized before your tan + makeup application. DO NOT do any NEW service on your skin 10 days before your wedding. You have no idea how your skin will react and you do not want to be troubleshooting dilemmas the week of your wedding.

If you decide to wax before the big day and/or honeymoon, we recommend this is also done 10 days out just to avoid any possible skin reactions. Remember, waxing is considered to be in the exfoliation category – so it must be done before your spray tan!


3 days before the wedding:

Just like waxing, shaving is considered to be in the waxing category as well. We recommend this is done the day before your final tan so that everything is smooth and prepped for the tan! Do not shave the day of your spray tan. Avoid razors with moisturizing strips after you spray tan.

You’re going to want your manicure and pedicure done before the final tan. We don’t want any scrubs or pumice stones on the skin after the tan as it’s a type of exfoliation and will slightly remove the spray tan. Do not do nails or toes the tan of the spray tan appointment; you cannot have lotions or oils on the skin during a spray tan. This should be done 1 day before the tan so that your nails stay perfect for the big day!

If you get eyelash extensions, we also recommend your full set or fill is done right before the big day. This ensures that they’ll be fresh and perfect for the photos on your wedding day. We shed our natural lashes everyday so we’d like to ensure these are nice and full.


2 days before the wedding:

Bridal Spray Tan
Your bridal tan should be the very last appointment before the dress rehearsal/wedding. We want your skin to look natural, bronze, moisturized and beautiful! This appointment will take about 20-30 minutes. We always want the tan to be done closest to the event (within 24-48 hours) so that we can ensure there’s no fading or dryness within the skin. The photos are incredible with a fresh tan!


Bay Area wedding makeup artist, Kim Baker Beauty, adds to the Bronze Palms wedding beauty timeline:

Start working with a skincare professional to curate a custom at home skincare routine. Your wedding day makeup is only as good as your skincare. Regular facials 4-12 times a year will also help boost your natural glow.

8-12 months:
Don’t wait to book your wedding makeup and hair team. Not only are all artists getting booked quickly but this gives you time to build a relationship with your artist, get your preview-trial scheduled (and yes, I recommend booking your artist before your preview-trial)! Read about how to book your wedding beauty team without having worked with them before.

6-8 weeks or earlier:
Try derma-planing. Aka shaving the face with a fancy professional razor. A smooth face absorbs skin care better, exfoliates, and creates a more smooth service for makeup. Take note of how long it lasts, if you get irritated, and how long the irritation lasts to determine when to schedule your appointment before the wedding.

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