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perfect for the diy boss!

I was in the same boat as you.

The laundry list of things my business needed was ever-growing! Instead of safe-guarding them, I decided to make them into templates and guides so you can easily scratch it off your list and move on!!

Please see below for the templates and guides I have created to easily grow your business!

how to start a spray tanning business


I currently offer the following templates:

  • prep instructions here
  • after care instructions here
  • spray tan graphics with caption ideas here
  • business cards here


I also have the following guides:

  • a client booking flow here
  • a list of all the items you need to start up a successful spray tan business here
  • a simple, but beautiful Instagram flow to follow to acquire new clients here
  • retail: how to create & sell touch up spray/face mist for clients here
  • email: how to automatically import all clients into Mailchimp without having to think about it here



Attract your ideal clientele with this 5 day plan to create a month's worth of quality social media content that makes you look like the industry expert.

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